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We delighted that you chose to visit our on line art gallery. Hope you will have enriching and inspirational experience. Trevi Gallery welcomes all lovers of art — from the casual collector to the avid art connoisseur. Our constantly changing exhibitions and our variety of art forms offer something to enchant all visitors. We offer a comprehensive selection of the finest international artwork available. Included in our collection of original paintings, icons, limited edition prints, hand-embellished works on gold and silver.

Trevi Gallery offers collection of original images available for downloads from famous Tretyakov Gallery. Here you can find images of Brulov and Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Levitan, Rublev and Dionisy icons, legendary Repin, Surikov, Savrasov, Perov, Vrubel, Korovin, Serov, Levitsky, Keprinsky, Malevitch, Petrov-Vodkin and many, many others genius Russian world renown artist.

Trevi Gallery showcases Designer jewelry collection of unique and original Faberge factory established in the best Russian/European traditions of art jewelry. The artists represent glorious heritage of legendary jewelry masters such as Faberge, Ovchinnikov, Grachev and Khlebnikov. The artisan creations of our collection stand out among others by high level of workmanship, originality and splendid design. The most amazing creations are silver and gold decorated with enamel and reviving legacy of disappearing Russian school of painting on enamel and becoming of interest to both private and museum collections.

The artists are true virtuosos of ancient art of portraits and icons painting on enamel framed into extremely sophisticated combination of silver and gold filigree.

Trevi Gallery offers unique decorated armory, skillfully designed and manufactured by exclusive purveyor for Moscow Kremlin. Special place in our collection belong to collectible original series of Kalashnikov Arms dedicated to the oldest and world wide recognized arm designer and engineer General Mikhail Kalashnikov. .

Kalashnikov series consists of 5 sets of hand crafted weapons, each dedicated to one of the most famous variety of small arms: AK-47, AK-74, AKS74-U, the PKK and the PC. Each set consists of 5 categories of products, sharing common ornamentation and jewelry artifacts - bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamonds. The entire collection consists of 25 weapons. Each set comes with original signature of General Kalashnikov and passport of authenticity.

Trevi Gallery offers a broad range of incredible classical and modern art object in stone, silver, gold and platinum decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones. Only at Trevi Gallery you will find curvy cups for vodka made as replicas of original Tsar collection. Our VIP selection notable by originality and uniqueness of its selection. Trevi gallery offers astonishing engraved writing instruments, paper knives, plates, trays, cups, vases, wine and hunting sets, golf clubs, walking sticks, chess sets made of semi-precious stones, stone curved pictures and etc.

We are proud to showcase the work of the world's most collectible contemporary artists. We represent established highly sought-after artists as well as newly emerging talents. Our works of art range in style from landscape to abstract to conceptual.


Trevi Gallery offers a new and unique service for our customers. You may commission our renowned artist to create museum quality replicas of Faberge eggs, boxes, frames, filigree sets of table ornaments, vases and jewelry in gold or sterling silver, decorated with diamonds or other precious stones.


You may commission a portrait of any technique and style, you may choose any background for your portrait, and at your request our artists can paint you in company with any famous person you choose.

All products from start to finish are custom made, and are essentially unique. Per customer request, some samples could be replicated in two or more copies.

Thank you again for visiting the Trevi Gallery and wishing you happy art collecting and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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