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The Apotheosis of War

Author: Vasili Vasilyevich Vereshchagin. 1842-1904
Creation date: 1871
Genre: Painting
Professional army officer, Vereschagin participated in military actions in Turkestan. Influenced by his personal impressions of the hostilities taken place, he created a series of paintings named "Barbarians". Similar historical "monuments-attractions" were left behind by and after a XIV-XV conqueror Tamerlane (Timur). This painting is a key piece of the series. The artist inscribed on the frame of the painting: " The Apotheosis of War. Dedicated to all the great conquerors of the, past, present and those in the future"
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With a Weapon in Their Hands Shoot!

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After Attack. Dressing Station near Plevna

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After Failure

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After Success

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