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The Invitation to Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov to Ascend the Throne in 1613

Author: Ugryumov Grigoriy Ivanovish. 1764-1823
Creation date: Last quarter of XVIII Century
Genre: Painting
The picture was painted for a new residence of Paul I - the Mikhailovsky Palace in Saint Petersburg. Ugryumov was born in Moscow. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg from 1170 to 1785. He attended schools in France and Italy as well. His paintings include The Trial of Strength of Yan Usmar (1796-7), The Capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible in 1552 (1790s), and The Invitation of Mikhail Fyodorovich Romanov to Ascend the Throne in 1613 (1790s). Ugryumov was a reformer of Russian historical painting and devoted all of his art creations to the Russian history only. The great artist, he is paying large attention to the accuracy and dependability of everyday details - the interior of the cathedral is life painted. The plot of the painting is depiction of the first Tsar election to the throne and establishment of Romanov's dynasty in 1613. The Grove Dictionary of Art says that Ugryumov's paintings are "notable for their brilliance of design and mastery of color" and are "strongly patriotic in tone".
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