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The Morning of Streletsky Execution

Author: Surikov Vasily Ivanovich. 1848-1917
Creation date: 1881
Genre: Painting
Surikovís artistry is a pinnacle of the Russian historical painting of the second half of the XIX century. Artist was interested in the events of Russian history and the turning points in the peopleís fate. The theme of the painting is the suppression by Peter the Great of a rebellion and execution of the rebels at the Red Square in Moscow. After the fall of Tsarevna Sophia Alekseyevna in 1689, the government of the Peter the Great engaged in a process of gradual limitation of Streltsyís military and political influence. In spite of these measures, Streltsy revolted yet again while Peter was on his political mission to Europe. While the revolt was put down by the Scottish General Patrick Gordon, (before Peterís return to Russia), nonetheless, Peter cut his trip short and returned crushing Streltsy with brutal punishment, including public executions and torture. Technically, the corps were abolished in 1689, however, after suffering a defeat at Narva in 1700, the government stopped their disbandment. The most efficient Streltsy regiments took part in the most important military operations of the Great Northern War and in the Peterís Prut Campaign of 1711. Gradually, Streltsy were incorporated into regular army.
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Boyarynya Morozov

Author: Surikov Vasily Ivanovich. 1848-1916
Creation date: 1887
Genre: Painting
The XVII century Church split in Russia, arose as a result of the reforms made by Patriarch Nikon to harmonize practices and to establish uniformity in the church service. Feodosia Morozova (1632 -1675), was a comrade in arms of Archpriest Avvakum, joined the Old Believers' movement and secretly took monastic vows and became a nun with the name Theodora. She played an important role in convincing her sister, Princess Evdokia Urusova, to join the Old Believers. She was arrested in 1673 and sent to Pafnutev-Borovsky monastery, where she was killed by hunger in the earthen prison. Painter depicts the moment when Boyarynya Morozova, bless the crowd of Old Believers, while she was transported around Moscow to the place of confinement.
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