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Climbing Grape Verandah

Author: Shchedrin Sylvester Feodosievich. 1791-1830
Creation date: 1828
Genre: Painting
Shchedrin for the first time in Russian art approached the opportunities of an open-air. For artists of romantic period, Italy was a country of sun, happiness and eternal summer. Favorite motif for the artist was a veranda surrounded with climbing grapes where his favorite characters vagrants and poor men are in absolute internal relaxation, rest and full integration with nature.
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Landscape in the St. Petersburg Vicinity.

Author: Semen Fedorovich Shchedrin. 1745-1804
Genre: Painting
The landscape represents a pastoral, the idealized image of peasants life, personifying an epoch of sentimentalism devoted to the fine and perfect world. Similar rural landscapes were painted using specially developed by Academy of Arts templates. Parhaps, artist was inspired by a view of the Thais manor belonging to A.G.Demidov.
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New Rome. Castle of St. Angel.

Author: Shchedrin Sylvester Feodosievich. 1791-1831
Creation date: 1824
Genre: Painting
Name of the painting is characteristic of the romantic artist who observes every day life of city poor, so natural and beautiful. View of the Tiber embankment, not far from the house where the artist lived, in the background stands out Cathedral of St. Peter and Vatican Palace.
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