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Repin, Tretyakov Portrait

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Repin Nikolay II Wedding

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Repin, Portrait of Leo Tolstoy

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Author: Ilya Efimovich Repin. 1844-1930
Creation date: 1884
Genre: Painting
Vera Repin (1872-1948) - eldest daughter of the artist, showed diverse artistic interests: painting, theater, vocal. Natural simplicity always was the most important factor for artist, he never attempted to improve it. Thanks to his extraordinary observation skills, Repin was able to recognize, capture and depict in his paintings the smallest details (posture, gesture, movement) of the moment in his model's life.
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Did not Anticipated

Author: Ilya Efimovich Repin. 1844-1933
Creation date: 1884-1888
Genre: Painting
The last painting in a series of the artist's works associated with the Russian revolutionary movement: the painting shows an unexpected return home of political exile and a variety of family members' reactions. Repin captured and expression of uncertain and doubtful man who returned home, into the old world after years of exile.
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