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Troika. Craftsman's Students carrying water

Author: Vasili Grigorievich Perov. 1834-1882
Creation date: 1866
Genre: Painting
One of the most striking examples of critical realism in Russian painting of 1860th. In this painting, the artist attempts to draw attention of his contemporaries to the severe child exploitation and labor abuse. Choice of dull, nearly monochrome color intensifies depressing mood of the painting.
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Author: Vasili Grigorievich Perov. 1834-1886
Creation date: 1871
Genre: Painting
Along with earlier works, full of social criticism, condemnation of the injustice of Russian reality, during 1870th Perov creates simple household, hunting scenes.
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Portrait of Alexander Ostrovsky

Author: Vasili Grigorievich Perov. 1834-1883
Creation date: 1871
Genre: Painting
Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky (1823-1886) - famous playwright. P. Tretyakov commissioned Perov to write this portrait for gallery "Russian writers, composers, and other figures of art". Perov painted this portrait at times when he searched for moral ideals.
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Another Wanderer

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