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Author: Dionisy
Creation date: 1500
Genre: Iconography
The icon portrays the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death, the great sacrifice he made in the name of people savior as an atonement for committed by them sins. Despite the tragedy of the depicted event, the icon's content carries a profound enlighten spirit and believe in bright future victory over death, after all, after the Crucifixion there will be Christ resurrection on a bright Easter Sunday. "Crucifixion" considered to be one of the most wonderful works of Dionysius.
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Metropolis Alexy

Author: Dionisy
Creation date: Beginning of XVI Century
Genre: Iconography
Narrative icons illustrate major events in the life of the saint and usually describe his zhitii (a description of life). Traditionally, in the center of a Narrative icon is an image of the main character in full length or head and shoulders surrounded with scenes from his life. Icon was written for the Uspensky Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin, at the same time with the hagiographic icon of Metropolitan Peter. Both icons opened up a whole epoch of Dionisievsky Narrative icons devoted to lives of Russian saints, who were prominent historical figures of that time.
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The Resurrection of Christ

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Cyril Belozersky

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Doubting Thomas

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