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Portrait of sisters Princesses A.G. and V.G. Gagarin

Author: Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich. 1757-1830
Creation date: 1802
Genre: Painting
Anna Gavrilovna (1782-1856) and Barbara Gavrilovna (1784-1808) - daughters of a official secret adviser Prince GP Gagarin. Anna Gavrilovna later wife of P.V. Golovin, founded women's dormitory in the near Moscow Dedenevo (Novospassky) estate, which in 1861 evolve into the Savior Vlahernsky nunnery. Girls are playing music displaying the favorite in Sentimentalism "cognation shower".
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Portrait of Prince AB Kurakin

Author: Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich. 1757-1828
Creation date: 1801-1802
Genre: Painting
Prince Alexander Kurakin (1752-1818) was raised along with the future Emperor Paul I. During his reign and the reign of Alexander I, he held important public office, was knight of all Russian orders. For his love of precious stones, Kurakin"s contemporaries called him a "diamond prince". The black robe with a white cross indicates the Prince association with Order of Malta, of which Emperor Paul I was commander and gross master. Created at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, Kurakin's ceremonial portrait absorbed all the achievements of the XVIII century painting.
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Catherine II on stroll in the Tsarskoselsky park (with Chesmensky column on background)

Author: Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich. 1757-1826
Creation date: 1794
Genre: Painting
Catherine II (1729-1796) depicted in accordance with the ideals of Sentimentalism - strolling in the park in intentionally informal attire. For the first time in Russian art, a portrait background becomes an important element in the characterization of the personage. Perhaps, this image was inspired by a portrait of Catherine II in the story written by Alexander Pushkin "Captain's Daughter".
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Varvara Tomilova

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Alexander I of Russia

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