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Aivazovsky, The Great Journey at Kronstadt 1

Author: Aivazovsky
Genre: sea paintings
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Aivazovskiy, Brig Mercury Attacked by Two Turkish Ships

Author: Aivazovsky
Genre: sea painting
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Aivazovsky, Battle at Narva

Author: Aivazovsky
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Aivazovsky, Battle near Viborg

Author: Aivazovsky
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Aivazovsky, Battle at Ravel

Author: Aivazovsky
Genre: Sea battleship paintings
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Black Sea. Storm Beginning

Author: Aivazovsky Ivan (Oganes) Konstantinovitch. 1817-1900
Creation date: 1881
Genre: Painting
The sea in the painting of the most renowned Russian painter-marines , presented as primordial multifaceted nature. Waves with the scallops of foam in the picture foreground were called by painter's contemporaries "Aivazovsky Wave". A lonely sail symbolizes human's insignificance in relation to nature and at the same time, it symbolizes romantic lust for journeys.
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